M|P|A believes exceptional property management is key to achieving exceptional investment results. M|P|A is committed to setting the standard for outstanding service and efficiency in the markets it serves.

M|P|A’s commitment to excellence has helped the Company achieve the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

Key elements of M|P|A’s property management strategy include the following:

High-quality Servicekeys

High levels of occupancy and resident satisfaction are crucial to long-term investment performance. M|P|A’s proven ability to deliver high-quality resident services enables the Company to achieve a stable, profitable resident base, while meeting the expectations of both investors and lenders.

Cost Efficiency

M|P|A routinely examines its cost structure and value-chain to provide the most efficient and effective services to its residents.  Management techniques such as a national purchasing program, multi-tiered marketing procedures, and expert budgeting and capital planning enable M|P|A to reduce costs, while maintaining the highest levels of service quality.

Experienced Team

The M|P|A property management team is composed of experienced professionals who share a commitment to operational excellence. Each M|P|A property management professional takes personal responsibility for delivering the highest quality services with unsurpassed efficiency.

For more information on M|P|A’s property management services, call 617-603-7000.