Innovative real estate solutions that maximize investment value

Metropolitan Properties is a full-service real estate investment firm with a proven track record of innovative solutions that deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

M|P|A combines decades of experience in key markets, seamless integration through all phases of value generation, and a disciplined investment approach focused on results.

MPA properties

Metropolitan Properties delivers attractive returns by developing innovative solutions to complex real estate challenges.

Founded in 1980, M|P|A is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and operates in select metropolitan markets across the country.

M|P|A offers a combination of advantages that benefit investors:


M|P|A has been investing in real estate for three generations. The Company has deep experience in the markets it seeks to invest in. This experience enables M|P|A to identify the right assets, access the most appropriate channels of capital and apply its network of resources to maximize the value of its investments.

Disciplined Approach

M|P|A achieves results through a disciplined approach to identifying, developing, financing, and managing real estate assets. From the inception of an investment, The Company establishes the appropriate investment plan, institutes its proprietary management infrastructure, and continually focuses on an exit strategy to maximize its returns.

Seamless Integration

M|P|A offers a full-service firm with seamless integration of all phases of the real estate value creation process: property identification and acquisition; property development/redevelopment; property management; and investment management. This integration ensures all decisions are focused on the same goal: maximizing investment value.

Proven Performance

M|P|A’s proven approach has resulted in an enviable record of returns for investors and partners, through all parts of the market cycle. For over 30 years, M|P|A's singular focus on multi-family real-estate has developed a deep well of experience and established a solid reputation for operational excellence.