Metropolitan Properties is focused on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns through strategic investments in multi-family residential real estate.

Our national platform targets high-quality, under-valued properties in markets that exhibit strong fundamentals and long-term potential. We focus on international gateways and centers for global and regional commerce – markets broad and deep enough to sustain a constant flow of demand by well-educated renters who prefer luxury residential accommodations. We excel in these vibrant markets where competition is based on factors other than price.

Key elements of M|P|A’s investment strategy include the following: 

Discipline at Every Phase
M|P|A applies a disciplined approach to every decision—from assessing potential acquisitions to investment structuring to day-to-day management. M|P|A carefully seeks out assets with strong fundamentals and opportunities for operational improvement, all the while maintaining strict pricing discipline when buying or developing properties.

Understanding of Capital Markets
compassM|P|A has a deep understanding of capital flow cycles and how they impact real estate investment opportunities. This insight guides all buying and selling decisions to ensure assets are acquired and sold under the most favorable financial circumstances.

Careful Debt Management
Ensuring debt levels are properly managed is critical to ensure the soundness of an asset, under all market conditions. M|P|A uses debt intelligently to maximize asset value, while avoiding over-leveraging properties.

Emphasis on Risk Mitigation
Managing investment risk is critical to achieving consistent returns. M|P|A takes great care in analyzing the risk profile of each property prior to acquisition. The Company has in-depth knowledge of local market dynamics and a thorough due diligence process developed over many years of investing in multifamily investments.  M|P|A mitigates risk by investing in properties with the right fundamentals, clearly identifying and underwriting risk factors, and applying the relevant operational expertise to each asset individually.

For more information on M|P|A’s investment management services, contact: Wynne Mun, Chief Investment Officer.